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Bail for Senavitis Reinstated

Update on the Senavitis case: Thomas Senavitis' PA DUI attorney argued to reinstate his bail. It is a case that PA DUI lawyers are following with bated breath. 

As we've been chronicling on this blog, Thomas Senavitis was recently acquitted on charges of vehicular homicide in a fatal crash that killed a beloved Pennsylvania state senator.  Senator James Rhoades was killed in 2008 when his Cadillac was hit by Senavitis' pickup truck in Gilbert, PA.  At the time, Sen. Rhoades was on his way to a campaign appearance at a local school where he was to be honored for his contributions to the school.

He was subsequently acquitted of vehicular homicide after Senavitis' Pennsylvania DUI attorney convinced the jury that the Senator may have been part to blame for the crash.  Despite the acquittal, Senavitis was still convicted of a lesser charge of being drunk behind the wheel. 

As he awaits his sentencing, his bail has been reinstated. His PA DUI attorney essentially argued that Senavitis is not a flight risk, and that he has already served nine months. As a result, his bail (which had been revoked on the basis of a drunk public appearance) was reinstated by the judge.

What is bail?  Essentially, the judge sets an amount which the accused can pay to "get out of jail".  As a condition for the release, the suspect promises to abide by certain conditions; including appearing in court for all the scheduled proceedings. If the suspect is a no-show at any of these proceedings, then the bail will be revoked and the suspect will be taken into custody.

The amount of bail depends on several factors including pre-determined bail schedules, or based on the facts and circumstances of the crime. 

A suspect can't always afford bail. Typically, family members often come to the aid of a suspect. Other options are paying a bond which is not the full amount of the bail, but is conditional on the suspect appearing at all the hearings. Bail bonds are available through bail bond agencies. 

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