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DUI In The News: Party Throwers Won't Be Charged

According to, the and citations, will not be charged themselves.

The party took place at the Yardley Community Center on February 20, of this year. District Attorney David Heckler claimed that the officers of Sixx-Pak Entertainment lied to the community center when they booked the party as a "teen dance." Mr. Heckler claimed that this party was a "rave." One of their previous parties that they held was titled "Corporate Hos and CEOs."  

A woman who was driving home after the party, was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. The second criminal charge was against a man who gave a minor alcohol at the party. A 17-year-old girl was discovered in the parking lot with a dangerously low body temperature: 94 degrees. Apparently, she was not allowed to reenter the party, so she stayed outside in the cold.

The majority of the citations were for underage drinking. Mr. Heckler, said in a statement, "These events are aimed at teens, with no guarantee that those substantially younger than 15 will not be admitted... I hope that the parents of the children organizers have referred to as 'Hos and CEOs' will be alert to the nature of these "parties" and exercise informed parental supervision."

According to West, a FindLaw survey found that " in the last year." Depending on the jurisdiction, and the areas' host liability laws, the adult who is in change of a party in which a minor consumes alcohol could be found at fault criminally or civilly if that underage drinker is "killed or injured, or kills or injuries another person."

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