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March 2010: Recent DUI Sentences in Bradford County

Information on recent convictions and sentences can be a good source of knowledge for PA DUI lawyers. By looking at a particular court's sentencing, a PA DUI attorney can get an idea of what to expect in his or her client's case.

Here are some recent sentences handed down in Bradford County, PA:

  • 6 months probation and a $300 fine in an August 2009 DUI incident in Wyalusing Township. The probation here is essentially a police-department monitored supervision. 
  • 48 hours to six months prison term and a $500 fine in a July 2008 offense in Smithfield Township. The driver will lose Pennsylvania driving privileges for 12 months and is also forced to make restitution to the victims. Restitution essentially means that the driver will have to "make the victims whole" or pay back the victims for their damages. 
  • 40 days to six months prison and a $1,000 fine for an August 2009 DUI incident in Canton Borough. The driver will lose Pennsylvania driving privileges for 12 months. This case was the driver's second DUI offense. As mentioned in other posts on this blog, Pennsylvania DUI attorneys have more work cut out for them in the case of repeat DUI offenders. 
  • 15 days to 180 days and a $300 fine for a July 2008 accident in West Burlington Township. The driver may be eligible for parole after 15 days. 
  • 6 months probation and a $300 fine for an August 2009 DUI incident in Monroe Township. Probation will be under the supervision of the local police department.   

Information on these sentences can help your PA DUI attorney figure out the best course of action, especially if you've been detained on DUI charges in Bradford County. Similarly, if you've been detained in any other Pennsylvania county, this information could be helpful to your PA DUI attorney to determine the sentencing trends in Pennsylvania. 

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