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Let's Talk ARD: Who Gets In?

ARD-- of the Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition-- is a PA DUI attorney's best friend.  Essentially, ARD is a great alternative for first time DUI offenders if you've been driving under the influence in Pennsylvania.  

Perhaps I was too fast in saying that the ARD program is good for PA DUI lawyers. The program could mean less work for many PA DUI attorneys, since it may help the offender avoid a long DUI trial.

The ARD program is a program under Pennsylvania DUI laws which is designed to facilitate the legal and rehabilitative process of Pennsylvania DUI offenders. Offenders will have to complete the ARD program successfully as an alternative to trial, conviction, and even a jail sentence. 

But the question remains: Who is allowed to participate in the ARD Program under PA DUI laws?  Perhaps this question is easier answered by looking at who's NOT allowed to participate:

  • An offender convicted of a DUI or accepted into ARD within 10 years of the current offense.
  • The DUI involved an accident that resulted in serious injury (or death) to someone other than the offender.
  • A passenger under age 14 was in the vehicle at the time of the offense.
  • Offender was not driving with a valid license, or the license was suspended.
  • Offender did not have car insurance.
  • Offender has a criminal history of violence.
  • BAC was .24% or higher.
  • Offender refused to submit to a chemical test.

Under the ARD Program, there may be a license suspension; depending on the blood-alcohol concentration. There may also be a set number of hours for community service. 

If you've been suspected of a DUI, a Pennsylvania DUI attorney could help you discuss your options. PA DUI lawyers are familiar with the ARD program and its requirements. Contact a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer and set up some time to speak if you have more questions about whether or not you would qualify for the ARD Program.

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