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Man Pulled Over For Speeding, Arrested For DUI

The Intelligencer reported a recent DUI arrest in the news that concerned a Pennsylvania man who was .

Robert Cheek Jr. of Pittsburgh was driving on W. VA. 2 when he came to the attention of a deputy. The speed limit in the area is only 50 mph, so it was easy to spot Mr. Cheek; who was going 99 mph. Mr. Cheek's white van was almost going twice the speed limit. Once the deputy approached the vehicle, he realized that there were three open containers inside of the van. The deputy cited that a beer, a mixed drink, and a whiskey bottle were all open.

At the time of his arrest, Mr. Cheek was employed by a business in Bethel Park, PA. He was driving down to Moundsville in order to deliver auto supplies to a business in Moundsville. 

Jokingly, the Ohio County Sheriff Pat Butler said, "He got to Moundsville (the Northern Regional Jail), but not with the auto parts." 

As discussed before, a police officer needs probable cause in order to pull a driver over. In this case, the deputy's reason for pulling Mr. Cheek's vehicle over was his excessive speed. Once he was able to see Mr. Cheek more closely, the deputy was able to detect whether or not the he was likely to be intoxicated.

After being tested, Mr. Cheek's BAC level registered at 0.139%. Investigators were able to discover that this was not Mr. Cheeks first DUI arrest. As of Monday, they were still unclear about if he was ever previously convicted for those past DUI offenses. PA DUI lawyers could tell you that prior DUI convictions could impact the sentencing of a current DUI case.

It has not been determined whether Mr. Cheek will have an Ohio or a Pennsylvania DUI attorney.  

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