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Pittsburgh War Memorial Damaged In Alleged DUI Accident

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, charges were filed against a 32-year-old man who allegedly .

As of March 1, the man involved in the crash that damaged the monument had not been named. According to police, the suspect's van struck the memorial that was located at Lowrie and Ley streets on Saturday night. The monument, which was a marble pillar, was removed on Sunday due to the damages.

His charges include "driving under the influence, having an open container in a vehicle and possession of marijuana, in addition to a charge related to an accident involving unattended property." It is unclear whether he will also be charged with hit and run. A  has not yet been named to represent him.

According to, the suspect . Police were able to identify him by tracing the vehicle's license plate. The suspect was found at a hospital where he was receiving treatment for the accident. 

The man's blood contained an alcohol concentration of 0.233%, as reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Since the legal limit in Pennsylvania is 0.08%, that means that the suspect's BAC level was just shy of three times the legal limit.

Since this was not the first time that the monument has been struck, it may be moved permanently. went on to report that the city public works owns the war memorial; they have spoken with the Troy Hill VFW to discuss how the memorial will be restored.

FindLaw states that if you have of the accident.  

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