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Repeat DUI: What it Means for PA DUI Lawyers

After causing a car accident that injured six people, Daniel Joseph Kulynych, 20, of Bushkill is now facing over two years in state prison.

Kulynych was sentenced last week on charges of driving under the influence. He was allegedly responsible for a two-car crash that happened at 3:30 a.m. on Route 209 in Middle Smithfield Township.

Unfortunately, Kulynych's Pennsylvania DUI attorney essentially has an uphill battle since the recent accident came days after Kulynych had another DUI related incident. In the current incident, Kulynych's Chevrolet Tahoe collided with a Pocono Record delivery van; injuring the passengers in his Tahoe and two passengers in the Pocono Record van. The van driver, Michael Howey, 55, suffered serious injuries and medical authorities had to induce a coma in order to aid in his recovery. 

As a result of his accident, which caused serious bodily injury, Kulynych was sentenced to two and a half years in state prison. Kulynych also has a juvenile record. 

Under Pennsylvania DUI laws, there is leniency afforded to those who are first time offenders, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. But as the charges and offenses become more aggravated, the issues become more complex for the PA DUI attorneys involved. As a result, defense becomes a lot more complicated and leniency is not always afforded to offenders with aggravated circumstances.

Aggravated circumstances could include a DUI with a fatal accident, or even an accident that causes serious bodily injury. Other aggravated circumstances include times where the offender resists arrest or attempts to flee the scene of an accident. 

Despite the complexity of the DUI case, PA DUI lawyers have knowledge on how to handle DUI cases whether it is a simple first-time offender case, or a more complicated repeat offender cases.   

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