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Repeat Offender: Bus Driver Dials and Drives

We've looked at the issue of recidivist DUI offenders and the implication of recidivism for PA DUI attorneys.

But what about the impact of a civil suit on the occurrence of a DUI offense? Nearly a decade ago, Frederick Patrick Poust III  was driving while dialing on his cellular phone. As a result, he slammed into a car; killing 2 year old Morgan Lee Pena. 

At the time, the Pena family filed a civil lawsuit against Poust, settling in the fatal accident case. The lawsuit had a confidentiality agreement which prohibited the Penas from ever speaking publicly about the driver. 

Poust was most recently a bus driver. And not just any bus driver-- a school bus driver.  Last month, Poust endangered the lives of the 45 children on the bus when he ran through ten stop signs and careened into a turn. The result of this accident killed Richie Taylor, a passenger in the Honda Civic he hit. Video cameras on the bus caught Poust fiddling with his phone and iPod moments before the fatal accident.

As a result of this crash, Pennsylvania DUI attorneys are now gearing up for new laws with regards to driving records for bus drivers. Starting in fall, school districts can review a bus driver applicant's driving history before hiring the driver.

But what about the issue-- the issue of driving while distracted? Poust was a repeat offender. One would imagine that his previous fatal accident would have scared the fear of distracted driving into him, yet he did it again. As it currently stands, a distracted driving law is in the queue; having passed in the lower house of the State legislature.

As Pennsylvania citizens and PA DUI attorneys wait for the law to pass in the state Senate, one cautionary word of advice remains steadfast: Don't dial and drive!

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