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State Patty's Day: A Record Day For Arrests

Despite all of the efforts of Penn State, the student council, and the tavern association, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that this year's . Police say that they made 160 criminal arrests; that is twice as many as last year. In a previous article by the Philadelphia Inquirer, they reported that last year's event was a busy time for PA DUI lawyers because out of the . There were also 31 disorderly parties and 21 people who required medical help following an alcohol overdose.

The Centre Daily reports that there was this weekend. Celia Criniti, 18, was allegedly driving drunk on College Avenue when she hit a pedestrian. After the accident, Ms. Criniti allegedly left the scene. Later officers pulled her over and noticed the damage to her car. Police claim that it was, "obvious that she knew she hit someone." The victim was treated for pain in her back as well as numbness in her arm.

In order to curb the amount of reckless behavior, the AP reported that some . In fact at least two bars refused to be open at all. Also, fraternities attempted to promote responsible drinking by not serving wine or hard alcohol at their events that weekend. They also increased their security and limited their number of guests to 50.

As evidence that the local preventative measures were working, the Centre Daily quotes State College police Capt. Dana Leonard as saying, "more than half of those 160 arrested were visitors or non-students."

As of yet, the total number of DUIs for this year's State Patty's Day has not been tallied.

State Patty's Day was created in 2007, by a Penn State student who did not want to miss out on a holiday with friends: that year Saint Patrick's Day fell on spring break. Now, the self-invented, drinking holiday has surpassed the original Saint Patrick's Day as well as any other day of the year as being the most popular day for college students to drink.

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