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Students Understanding DUIs: Drive In Simulator

On March 15, 2010, students will have the opportunity to experience drunk driving from the safety of a simulator.

According to the Penn State Altoona News, PennDOT and the DUI Association will be at the Slep Student Center to  Their DUI "Safety Simulator" (Safety SIM) which has been a very popular learning tool, will be there to show students how difficult and dangerous it is to drink and get behind the wheel. The Safety SIM itself is made up of a "real dashboard, a real steering wheel, driver's seat, and even a heater and radio." While the student is in the realistic vehicle, he/she will be facing a virtual reality that he will have to drive through as safely as possible.

The Sun Gazette reported last September that in the . After a spin in the Safety SIM, one Pennsylvania College of Technology student said, "(The simulator) really changes my perception of drunk driving. It's really hard. I have never driven while drunk and I never will."

One specialist explains that, "this generation is really into video games... so the simulator really works well with the student population."

PennDOT issued a press release which stated the Safety SIM "helps individuals gain confidence in their ability as a driver and ."

Penn State Altoona News reports that the DUI Victims Moving Memorial will also be there. It is a moving wall that contains the names of people who have died in DUI accidents in the state of Pennsylvania.

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