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Bikes, Buggies and La-Z-Boys: Vehicles Under PA DUI Laws

Pennsylvania DUI attorneys know one thing well:

That DUI cops are very diligent in enforcing the law that says that a vehicle is "any device"  that could be used for highway transport.

Yes, the DUI cops are zealots when it comes to the definition of "vehicle".

Earlier this year, they arrested a man on a bicycle. A 27 year old Broadheadsville man, Justin Dawson, was arrested in the wee hours of the morning after a Chestnuthill Township police trooper saw Justin Dawson on his bicycle outside the Burger King on Route 209. At the time of arrest, Justin Dawson resisted restraint and had to be physically subdued, according to the police report.

So the question to be asked is this: Can you be arrested in Pennsylvania for riding a bike while under the influence of alcohol?

Apparently, the answer is yes. So long as the "vehicle" you use is one that could be used for highway transport, then it's a "vehicle", under Pennsylvania DUI laws.

In an earlier post, we spoke about the drunk Amish man found asleep at the reins of his buggy in Paradise, Pennsylvania. He too, was arrested for driving under the influence. And outside Pennsylvania, we've heard of cases in other states, most notably, the story of the man driving the purported La-Z-Boy while drunk.

If you've been arrested by PA police officers for driving your buggy while drunk, drunk bicycling or commandeering a La-Z-Boy while under the influence, you should consider contacting a local Pennsylvania DUI lawyer.

They've seen it all.

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