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Boy Loses 2 Grandpas in 2 Crashes on Same Day

Poor little Jason Kroh Jr. He lost not one, but two grandfathers on the same day, in two different car crashes.

How can this story not tug on the heart strings of PA DUI attorneys? Little Jason, only three years old, lost his paternal grandfather to a DUI car accident.

Little Jason's other grandfather was killed 15 hours later, in a different, non DUI-related crash.

Now, a Florida man has been sentenced in Pennsylvania court, following the DUI deaths of John Kroh Sr. of Tremont and John Becker of Pine Grove. Twenty-nine year old Richard Finch pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol. He also pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault by vehicle while DUI.

Why would someone plead guilty, you might ask. Well, there are several considerations a PA DUI lawyer makes, when first presented with the case. One of these considerations is the evidence. It is very important for a Pennsylvania DUI attorney to know what evidence is likely to be presented against the suspect.

Sometimes, the prosecution has very strong evidence. In a DUI case, evidence taken from blood alcohol testing might be considered strong evidence. Other times, there may be aggravated circumstances in the case, such as a death.

Or, sometimes, both of these issues are present.

Taking these factors, and others, into consideration, a PA DUI lawyer will have to weigh the consequences of going to trial. There are times when pleading guilty might allow the suspect to skip trial. As a result, the suspect could save on the time and expense of trial. Another huge plus for PA DUI attorneys is the fact that sometimes, the suspect can get a lighter sentence by pleading guilty rather than being subject to sentencing at trial.

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