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DUI Judge Throws the Book at Joseph Genovese Jr.

Joseph Genovese Jr. appeared with his PA DUI lawyer on Tuesday as he faced sentencing on charges of driving under the influence.

And the sentencing judge threw the book at this DUI offender. Of course, the offender's MySpace page didn't help. It showed off images of his mug shot.

20 year old Joseph Genovese Jr. was sentenced to a prison term of 7 to 14 years behind bars. He pleaded guilty in February to driving under the influence. Joseph Genovese Jr. had been high on marijuana when he struck and killed 53-year old Cindy Grassi. Grassi's friend, Sandy Wacker, was critically injured in the same accident accident, which happened back in 2008.  

The two women, both Cardinals fans, had traveled from St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play. They were jogging near the Phillies ballpark when they were struck by Joseph Genovese Jr.'s red Lexus.

While Joseph Genovese Jr.'s Pennsylvania DUI lawyer made a bid for leniency, the judge was not moved; with the prosecution calling Joseph Genovese Jr. a "real punk." The PA DUI lawyers attempted to convince the judge that the crash and subsequent homicides were accidents. The prosecution however, insisted that the crime was inevitable, and pushed for a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison.

The harsher sentencing may have been the result of the emotional testimony from family members of victims. Despite the fact that Joseph Genovese Jr. apologized to the family members of the victims, the judge had this to say:

"This was no accident, to get yourself so completely blasted so you are totally unfit to operate a motor vehicle." And comparing Joseph Genovese Jr.'s behavior to the actions of someone who would randomly open fire into a crowd at a Cardinals game, Judge Benjamin Lerner sentenced Joseph Genovese Jr. to a sentence that was more than double the mandatory sentence.

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