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Miss Philadelphia Andrea Helfrich is Anti- Drunk Driving

Miss Philadelphia is speaking out against drunk driving.

On March 27, twenty-one year old Andrea Helfrich was crowned "Miss Philadelphia 2010" at the Mandell Theater in Drexel University. Her pageant platform was the fight against drunk driving. But having been a victim of drunk driving herself, the cause is personal to the twenty-one year old beauty queen.

Andrea Helfrich was a sophomore at Council Rock High School Couth in Bucks County when she was a victim in a DUI crash. She sat in the rear passenger side of a vehicle that was hit from behind by a woman who was intoxicated at the wheel.

The woman, who was twenty two years old at the time, had a blood alcohol content of 0.28 and had fallen asleep at the wheel. The accident left one passenger with permanent injuries. Andrea Helfrich, however, escaped unharmed.  

Since then, she has taken to speaking in public and at schools about the dangers of drunk driving.

PA DUI lawyers know the dangers of drunk driving. Andrea Helfrich chose to speak at schools on her own behalf and through her own choice. However, many PA DUI attorneys find their clients attending these talks at schools because it sometimes comes hand-in-hand with a drunk driving sentence. These talks are typically called victim-impact panels. DUI offenders often must listen to the horrific toll that drunk driving can take on other people.

Indeed, listening to these stories can help the deterrence of drunk driving. Andrea Helfrich was lucky she survived the crash. Many others, however, are not as fortunate. DUI offenders get to hear what happens as a result of bad decisions in these victim-impact panels.

And although there is not much information on the sentence received by the woman driving the car that hit Andrea Helfrich, it's probably fair to say that she, too, was fortunate not only to survive, but also because her charges may have been merely reckless endangerment and assault with a vehicle, as opposed to the graver charges of vehicular manslaughter.

Not everyone is as fortunate.

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