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PA DUI Checkpoints Alert! Pike County on Weekend of April 16

Attention all Pike County, Pennsylvania DUI lawyers: Time to dust off your books and get prepared for some clients from PA DUI checkpoints. There is a planned DUI checkpoint in Pike County this weekend.

That's right. For the laymen, here's the scoop: The police will be out on the roads in Pike County. So if you've had a few beers too many, stay off the roads.

According to the Pocono Record, the PA DUI checkpoints are in response to a high rate of drunk driving violations in Blooming Grove.

The DUI crackdown will be conducted on the weekend of April 16 and will include PA DUI checkpoints as well as roving patrols.

As we've mentioned before in this blog, PA DUI checkpoints are a crucial way for law enforcement personnel to find drunk drivers. But the enforcement of Pennsylvania DUI law doesn't preclude Pennsylvania citizens from exercising their rights.

And despite the fact that the concept of DUI checkpoints is generally constitutional, the specific DUI checkpoints and the procedures used in the checkpoints must nevertheless conform to constitutional laws governing arrests, searches and seizures, and Miranda rights.

This weekend, there will also be officers patrolling the streets in Pike County. DUI stops often present complex issues and essentially, the police can only stop a car if there is reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation. Even then, there is often certain protocol observed during a DUI arrest.

Know your rights in regards to DUI checkpoints. If need be, talk to a PA DUI lawyer to better understand your rights at DUI checkpoints.

It's better to know than to be left in the dark.

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