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Program Urges Youth to 'Make a U-Turn'

With prom season approaching, PA DUI attorneys are bracing themselves for the underage drinking that comes with the festivities. As a result, some Pennsylvania social advocates have taken it upon themselves to educate youth and promote safe driving this prom season.

The Pennsylvania DUI Association has launched a campaign called "Pull a U Turn," which is designed to combat many myths and misconceptions about underage drinking and driving.

According to Felicity DeBacco-Erni, the state coordinator of PA Students Against Drunk Driving, students have a "stronger than Superman" attitude towards life and are in a denial of sorts when it comes to drunk driving. Yet in Pennsylvania alone, DeBacco-Erni asserts that twenty five percent of all alcohol related motor vehicle crashes involve youth between the ages of sixteen and twenty. Twenty-five percent is a high number; too high to ignore. And coupled with the attitude of invincibility, its massively detrimental.

As such, the "U-Turn" initiative aims at dispelling this false notion of invincibility by presenting hard statistics on youth drinking and driving. According to the program's webpage, 5,600 youth between the ages of sixteen and twenty were arrested for DUI last year. In addition to citing statistics, the website features information on the impact of a DUI on the future of the arrested youth, warning the youth that an underage conviction would make it impossible to enter a career that requires state certification in Pennsylvania. 

While the certainty and accuracy of these presented facts and statistics could always be up for debate, the purpose of the program remains the same: To educate and enlighten. PA DUI lawyers would agree that an early DUI conviction could harm the future of a promising young teen.

So this prom season, the youth need to be aware. And the U-Turn program will make sure to enlighten as many youth as possible. For more information, please visit our Related Resources links.

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