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Serial DUI Offender Pleads No Contest on 11th DUI

You've heard of serial killers and serial rapists.

Now, meet a serial DUI offender.

We've repeatedly cautioned readers against repeat offense and the difficulty a repeat offense poses on PA DUI lawyers. PA DUI attorneys can sometimes get their clients off on lighter sentences if it's a first time offense.


But a serial DUI offender, like Thaylin Shawn Pierce of Billings, Montana, are unlikely to garner any sympathy from the court. He pleaded no contest in Montana court last week, after appearing at court for a previous DUI hearing.

Ironically, he drove drunk to the courthouse for his DUI hearing. At the time, he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.093 percent.  

His sentencing has been set for June 22 and until then, he's out on bond.

Let's look at the plea of "no-contest." A no contest, or nolo contendre plea, is similar to a plea of "guilty." The key difference is that a "no-contest" plea is somewhat like saying "no comment." It cannot be used to infer liability in a civil lawsuit. On the other hand, a no-contest plea is somewhat like throwing in the towel. There is no contest of the liability or guilt, and as a result, the court can sentence the defendant the same way they could have been sentenced had they been found guilty by a jury. Although some like to believe that a no-contest plea might make the court more lenient in sentencing, it just might not be the case.

A PA DUI lawyer understands these differences in strategy. A good PA DUI lawyer would also understand the workings of certain courtrooms and would be familiar with the behavior of certain judges. If you've been arrested for DUI, look up the local PA DUI attorneys and ask for a consultation.

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