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Too "Hott" to Handle, Man Transported to Cop Car in a Bucket

Pennsylvania-- you give us some incredible DUI stories!

And just when Pa DUI lawyers thought that the Amish buggy DUI was the best farm-related DUI story to be heard in Pennsylvania, comes the hilarious tale of Shawn Anthony Hott. And this tale is hilarious-- this I guarantee. From the farm DUI, to the fact that his own car almost ran over him, this is the funniest DUI story I've read. But my favorite part of this story comes at the end, when the officer transports the DUI offender back to the patrol car (read on and you'll see what I'm talking about).

Shawn Anthony Hott was just too hott for the cops. So he tried to outrun them in Glenville last Sunday.

Of course, the obvious part of this story is that Shawn Anthony Hott was drunk. At the time officers responded to the call, they found Shawn Anthony Hott driving around in a field of crops and running over several fences used to house herds of cows.

When officers finally arrived at the scene, Shawn Anthony Hott allegedly tried to flee from the police. As he fled in his four wheel drive Toyota, he almost hit 30 cows. Then, his truck got stuck on the hill and Hott climbed out of the truck.

Now, Shawn Anthony Hott was so drunk that he fell to the ground near his truck-- and his truck almost ran him over!

Officer Bryn Lindenmuth then scooped up Hott's 260 pound frame and moved him out of harm's reach just in time.

And that's not the end of the story.

Officer Lindenmuth then placed Shawn Anthony Hott in the bucket of a farm tractor and transported him to the patrol car.

What a story for his Pennsylvania DUI lawyer to defend.

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