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PA DUI Checkpoints Planned For July 4th Weekend

Old Lycoming Township Police Chief Bill Solomon, who coordinates the county's DUI task force, told a Williamsport Sun-Gazette reporter that at least one individual in Pennsylvania will die at the hands of a drunk driver during the July 4 holiday weekend. As a result, PA residents should expect PA DUI checkpoints this upcoming weekend. That statement given by Bill Solomon may be an understatement, as holiday weekends typically see spikes in alcohol-related fatalities:

"Traditional issues over the Fourth of July weekend are heavy traffic, aggressive drivers who are not paying attention, speeding, and people drinking and driving."

Independence Day celebrations usually involve barbecues with friends and families and the consumption of cold beers and other alcoholic beverages. But unless you want to spend the Fifth of July searching for a Pennsylvania DUI attorney, it pays to drink in moderation or at least avoid driving if you've had too much.

But even if you haven't been drinking before getting behind the wheel, Bill Solomon said, drivers are better off slowing down, allowing for extra room between motorists and paying even more attention to the road than usual.

And just in case you see the threat of arrest as more of a deterrent than a potentially deadly collision, remember that sobriety checkpoints will be set up at strategic locations throughout the state. Bill Solomon said officers in unmarked police cars also will be patroling the highways:

"They will be out there targeting the aggressive drivers and those driving under the influence."

Anyone convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania faces a mandatory minimum six-month probation, a fine of $300 and alcohol highway safety school, according to Pennsylvania law (PDF). If you have been charged with a DUI and need help with your case, consider contacting a Pennsylvania DUI attorney.

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