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Former Actor David Cassidy Arrested for DUI

The Associated Press reported former "Partridge Family" famed actor David Cassidy was charged with a DUI in Florida. The former heartthrob was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol, who found Cassidy's car zigzagging on the road and almost causing an accident.

According to police, David Cassidy said he had a glass of wine during lunch and took a pain pill later that afternoon at around 3:30. Law enforcement officials inspected Cassidy's vehicle and discovered a half-empty bottle of bourbon in the back seat. The FHP then asked David Cassidy to take a field sobriety test, which they reported the former actor failed along with two breath tests.

The breath tests from St. Lucie County jail revealed David Cassidy's blood alcohol content was 0.139 and 0.141 percent, which is well above Florida's legal limit of 0.08 percent. Police arrested Cassidy, though his spokesperson Jo-Ann Geffen asserted he wasn't drunk. Geffen reaffirmed Cassidy had taken the pain pill and was exhausted after attending a funeral. He was released from jail the following day after his arrest.

A PA DUI attorney may be interested to see whether David Cassidy considers hiring a lawyer to provide him with some legal counsel in lieu of his DUI arrest, but authorities have not disclosed any more information about the matter.

If you have been arrested or charged with driving under the influence in Philadelphia, get in touch with a PA DUI attorney who can inform you of your rights and evaluate your situation. For general information regarding DUI, browse through the Related Resources links below.

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