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SCRAM Bracelets Used To Monitor DUI Offenders

Philadelphia is one among many jurisdictions that has started using SCRAM bracelets to check on the alcohol use of certain individuals convicted with driving under the influence. SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, and the SCRAM bracelet programs are one way to monitor continuous alcohol use without calling for regular in-person alcohol tests.

SCRAM bracelets may be ordered as a condition of probation, parole, or early release for people convicted of DUI. Judges may also order the bracelets for repeat DUI offenders. SCRAM bracelets help monitor individuals ordered not to drink any alcohol or who have a serious alcohol problem. Some DUI offenders may be able to choose whether or not they prefer to wear the bracelet instead of receiving in-person testing.

The bracelets can identify miniscule amounts of alcohol in an individual's sweat and check alcohol levels once every hour through an ankle bracelet. The SCRAM bracelet's modem will report the alcohol measurements to a regional monitoring center, who contacts the proper court when the wearer has meddled with the bracelet or has alcohol in their sweat.

The DUI offender typically has to pay for the SCRAM bracelet and monthly monitoring services. The bracelets are expensive and can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars each month. Those who cannot pay for the bracelets might be able to have their fees covered.

Even though SCRAM bracelets are accepted in many courts, many defendants have challenged the alcohol measurement and results of the bracelet. To learn more about SCRAM bracelets and other DUI devices, talk to an experienced Philadelphia DUI attorney or visit the Related Resources links for general information on DUI.

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