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What To Expect When Pulled Over For A DUI

Many drivers don't know what to expect when a Philadelphia cop pulls them over for a DUI-related offense. Even so, it's important to remember that you have rights regardless of whether or not you are tested and found driving above the legal limit. Fortunately, FindLaw's KnowledgeBase provides some helpful information for drivers to keep in mind when confronted with a potential DUI arrest.

Even if you feel like a police pulled you over on pretext, like failing to turn on your turn signal, you should always maintain a composed and cooperative attitude when dealing with an officer. You still have the right to remain silent, as in any other type of criminal investigation. Any information you reveal to police may be used against you, even if you say you only had one glass of wine before driving.

You may be subject to performing field sobriety tests if the officer suspects you are under the influence. These tests may examine your balance, coordination, memory, and ability to follow instructions. Some tests law enforcement officials may use include:

  • Standing on one leg;
  • Following an object with your eyes;
  • The walk-and-turn test;
  • Other balance tests;
  • Touching your finger to your nose; and
  • Reciting the alphabet.

Under Pennsylvania law, drivers have to provide consent when asked to take a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) chemical test. A BAC measures the amount of alcohol or controlled substances found in your blood through breath, blood, or urine samples. To learn more about what to expect if caught in a DUI-related situation, talk to an experienced PA DUI lawyer or visit the Related Resources for more information.

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