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Paul Jones Charged With DUI And Vehicular Homicide

Fifty-three-year-old Paul Jones, a Havertown local, was arrested last week for allegedly driving under the influence and killing a Lansdowne bicyclist. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Randall Bratu, 62, was biking home on Baltimore Avenue when Jones struck him from behind. Police officials said Bratu flew at least 30 yards into the air after the impact and was declared dead at the scene.

Police said Paul Jones did not even stop after allegedly running into Randall Brat. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood reported that Jones apparently also crashed his automobile head-on into a minivan on Marshall Road in Lansdowne after the incident with Bratu. The two women and child inside the minivan were not injured, but Paul Jones allegedly left the scene of that accident as well.

The minivan passengers were able to provide authorities with a description of Jones and his black Ford pickup. Havertown police eventually pulled over a truck that matched the women's description. The truck had severe front-end damage, and police also found a bottle of oxycodone pills in the truck that were prescribed to Jones' daughter.

No information was given on whether Jones had undergone a customary field sobriety or breathalyzer test to measure his level of intoxication at the moment of his arrest. Still, law enforcement officials arrested Paul Jones and charged him with DUI, aggravated assault, vehicular homicide, and other related offenses. Jones may need to get legal counsel from a Philadelphia DUI lawyer to determine what legal options he has available to him for this case.

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