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William Haviland Turns Himself In And Gets Charged With DUI

Philadelphia police officer William Haviland, 42, was fired last month after he was accused of drinking and driving while on duty. This week, Haviland turned himself in to authorities and was charged with DUI, reckless endangerment, and misapplication of entrusted property of financial or government institutions.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, law enforcement officials said Haviland had gone to a Northeast Philadelphia bar on Torresdale Avenue while working the night shift on November 7. He was seen in full uniform, having drinks at the bar and driving a police cruiser afterward. A supervisor suspected Haviland was inebriated once the former cop came back to the police station later that evening.

The police department’s Internal Affairs Bureau began investigating Haviland’s case after the DUI accusations against him began to surface the next day. Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey then issued Haviland a 30-day suspension with the intent to dismiss the former officer, which eventually happened in December.

Although it has not yet been determined whether William Haviland has hired a Philadelphia DUI lawyer for this case, he will need to consider finding one who can offer him legal counsel and explain the possible legal options that may be available to him. Haviland could potentially face time in prison if convicted of driving under the influence and the other charges against him.

If you have been arrested or faced charges for driving drunk, meet with a Philadelphia DUI lawyer who can evaluate your case. For general information on DUI laws and penalties in Pennsylvania, visit the Related Resources links below.

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