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BeMyDD Offers Designated Drivers To Help Limit Drunk Driving

Some Philadelphia residents may choose to grab a taxi in the event they are drunk and without a designated driver, but business partners Arthur Simanovsky and Alexa Milkovich have developed an innovative designated driver service that has expanded in 21 cities across the country and aims to keep drunk drivers off the road.

According to Family Car Guide, Simanovsky and Milkovich have created a chauffeur service in Cleveland known as Be My Designated Driver, or BeMyDD. The operation differs from a taxi service in that it functions more similarly to a chauffeur-driven limousine, which usually takes people to and from particular celebrations, like a high school prom or a wedding.

But with BeMyDD, the service is offered for any event and not limited to just special occasions.

BeMyDD provides two types of services:

  • Reserve a Driver, which is a personal driver service that costs between $12.50 and $15.00 an hour; or
  • The general pick-up service, which costs $25.00 per hour plus expenses.

With Reserve a Driver, a driver dressed in a suit and tie picks up and takes passengers any place they want, waits for them, and brings them home. The general pick-up service, however, is typically used when an individual has already driven somewhere and needs to get home without leaving his or her car. In this case, two drivers will arrive, and one will drive you home while the other drives your vehicle.

As for the drivers in the service, BeMyDD requires that they be over the age of 25 and fully insured. Each driver also goes through a thorough interview process, applicant screening, and comprehensive background check. Simanovsky and Milkovich also assert that their service does not promote drinking but rather seeks to provide an alternative to reducing impaired or drunk driving.

ByMyDD services are already offered in U.S. cities such as Washington D.C.; Chicago, Illinois; Miami, Florida; San Antonio Texas; and Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2011, operations will extend to other areas including Philadelphia and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and California.

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