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State Rep. Cherelle Parker Arrested For Alleged DUI

Pennsylvania State Rep. Cherelle Parker, of Philadelphia, was arrested at the end of last month and charged with DUI after police saw her driving the wrong way on a one-way street, reported Patch.

Officer Christine O'Brien, who works with the Philadelphia Police Department Office of Public Affairs, reported that authorities had pulled Parker over in Germantown on North Baynton Street. At that point, O'Brien said police suspected Parker was intoxicated and took her to the Philadelphia police headquarters, where she was required to take two chemical breath tests.

The results of the breathalyzer tests were not publicly released, but officials said Parker was formerly charged with driving under the influence based on the test results and was also eventually arraigned.

For those unfamiliar with the stages of a DUI case, an arraignment takes place after the initial arrest, booking, and bail stages of the DUI process, according to FindLaw. During a typical arraignment, a criminal court judge will:

  • Read the criminal charge against the offender, now referred to as a defendant;
  • Check to see if the defendant has a lawyer or needs help from a court-appointed lawyer;
  • Ask how the defendant wishes to answer to the charges, which means he or she can plead “guilty,” “not guilty,” or “no contest;”
  • Select a bail amount of release the defendant on that person’s own recognizance; and
  • Inform the defendant on the dates of future DUI proceedings.

Cherelle Parker, who represents parts of Roxborough, Mount Airy, and Chestnut Hill, did not offer any comments on her DUI arrest. But according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Parker’s attorney Joseph Kelly stated that lawmaker “regrets putting herself in this position” and “will address these allegations at the appropriate time.”

Parker is expected to return to court for a status hearing on June 1, added Kelly.

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