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State Representative Cherelle Parker Opts for DUI Trial

Pennsylvania State Representative Cherelle Parker, of Philadelphia, has opted for a trial for her DUI arrest. Parker’s attorney stated that they opted for a trial after noticing “some problems” with the paperwork that police filed regarding Parker’s DUI last month reports NewsWorks. The trial date has been set for July 11.

Cherelle Parker was arrested for a DUI in early May after police saw her driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Parker was taken to Philadelphia police headquarters where she took a breathalyzer test. Based on the results of the test, Parker was formally charged with driving under the influence.

Cherelle Parker's attorney did not elaborate on what mistake they may have found in the police paperwork of Parker's DUI arrest. However, there are many opportunities for mistakes as police officers are required to record quite a bit of information in relation to DUI arrests.

For example, after someone is arrested for a suspected DUI, that person may be taken into custody where a police officer will book or process the arrest. This step involves a lot of paperwork such as recording the suspect's personal information and the circumstances of the alleged crime. The booking officer may want to record the suspect's inability to stay in one lane, non-use of signals, abrupt turns, erratic speeds, or other signs of driving under the influence. The officer may also record any odors of alcohol, slurred speech, and the results of any field sobriety tests.

The results of Cherelle Parker's breathalyzer test at police headquarters would also have to be added to the police paperwork.

Given the many opportunities for mistakes in police paperwork, State Representative Cherelle Parker's attorney has indicated that they are opting for a DUI trial in her case finding such a mistake. Whether the mistake absolves Parker or whether Parker ultimately decides to settle the case will be determined in the coming weeks.

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