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Former Cop Matthew Sharkey to go to Jail for DUI

Former Philadelphia police officer Matthew Sharkey pleaded guilty in June to driving drunk and injuring two state troopers and a tow truck driver. This week, he learned that he will spend up to 23 months in prison. He will also be on probation for six years.

The former cop had asked for only 10 years probation and no jail time, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. However, the judge was not so lenient, despite the fact that Sharkey had been considered a good cop.

In February 2010, two police cruisers parked behind an abandoned car on northbound I-95 at Girard Avenue, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. A tow-truck driver for the Philadelphia Parking Authority later pulled in front of the abandoned car and was underneath the car hooking it up.

As the tow truck driver lay underneath the car, Sharkey, who was off-duty at the time, plowed into the back of the police cruisers, reports the Inquirer. Sharkey had ignored the warning flares probably due to him driving under the influence.

The tow truck driver and one of the state troopers were seriously injured in the accident. Sharkey later admitted to driving drunk.

For a DUI causing serious injuries, Matthew Sharkey could have faced felony charges and up to seven years in jail.

The sentencing judge noted that Sharkey had been a good police officer, but that he had to sentence Sharkey to jail given his decision to drive drunk and the injuries he caused.

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