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Erik Jenkinson Charged w/ Naked DUI

Erik Jenkinson was allegedly speeding and weaving about his lane when he caused a crash on Interstate 78 in Upper Macungie Township. While his crash was newsworthy, it was his behavior afterwards that made all the headlines.

When Pennsylvania troopers got to the accident scene, Jenkinson allegedly stripped down to his birthday suit, told the cops he loved them, and fled on foot, reports the Sentinel & Enterprise.

Jenkinson was driving east in I-78 when he lost control of his car, struck the center median, and then ricocheted into a tractor-trailer. The debris from that crash also struck an SUV, reports the Sentinel & Enterprise. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the accident as the following behavior would not seem so amusing otherwise.

Following the crash, the 27-year-old Jenkinson allegedly took off his clothes and ran away from the cops. When troopers caught up with him, Jenkinson allegedly told them, "I love you. I just want to go home," reports the Sentinel & Enterprise, adding that his mom would want him to be in his birthday suit on his birthday.

It wasn't reported if that day was Jenkinson's birthday, but he faces DUI charges anyway. It also wasn't reported if Jenkinson was drunk or high at the time of arrest, but his subsequent behavior might make you believe the latter.

In Pennsylvania, drugged driving is treated like drunk driving except that the use of any amount of illegal drugs can be considered a DUI. So it wouldn't matter if Jenkinson just smoked a little weed or took one pill, he could still face DUI charges.

Erick Jenkinson was charged for a naked DUI. There is no legal limit where one can drug and drive without being charged with a crime. If he had any amount of illegal drugs in system, he faces severe penalties.

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