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Walmart DUI: Ryan Springer Crashes Through Parking Lots

A Walmart DUI was reported in South Union Township. Ryan Springer either started drinking real early, or he had a really long night out, as the 23-year-old man was arrested for a DUI at about 10:00 in the morning after allegedly speeding through two crowded retail parking lots.

Police say that Springer sped through a Walmart parking lot before hitting a 60-foot steel storage container, reports the Beaver County Times. Springer then tried to leave the scene before police caught up with him.

After striking the steel container, Springer sped into another shopping plaza parking lot, reports the County Times. Police followed the trail left by the leaking fluids of his car to find Springer's car. But by the time they got there, Springer had fled on foot back inside the Walmart.

At the store, he was identified by witnesses and arrested. Amazingly, no one besides Springer was hurt in the wild Walmart DUI, reports the County Times. Springer was treated at a nearby hospital.

But despite the fact Springer managed not to injure anyone else but himself, the man could still face enhanced penalties for the DUI. That's because someone who causes property damage while driving under the influence faces six months jail time for the DUI.

While you may know that you face serious penalties if you hurt or kill someone while driving under the influence, Ryan Springer will learn that you can also receive enhanced penalties simply for causing property damage as was the case with the Walmart DUI.

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