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Brent Celek DUI? No, Just a Passenger

Showing good judgment, “Brent Celek DUI” did not make the headlines. Showing poor judgment, “Eagles’ Celek a passenger in DUI crash” did make the headlines.

On the night of his 27th birthday, the Philadelphia Eagles tight end was involved in a car accident when the car he was a passenger in crashed into a concrete barrier at the Packer Avenue off-ramp near Lincoln Financial Field, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

The driver was allegedly driving too fast and spun out of control. He was not identified but has been arrested for driving under the influence after failing a field sobriety test. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, reports the Daily News.

Celek was one of five passengers in the car, and the group may have been celebrating the star tight end’s birthday. Celek already issued a statement through the team admitting that he exercised extremely poor judgment in getting in the car, though he said he had no knowledge that the driver was drunk.

As you probably know, being a drunk passenger in a car stopped for a DUI is not illegal. However, it is still dangerous as a drunk driver can seriously injure you and any other passenger, as well as other motorists on the road. Before getting in a car after a night out, you should make sure that the driver is sober or have a designated driver ready.

Brent Celek was fortunate not to get injured in the drunk driving accident. Brent Celek DUI was not reported, but the athlete still stood to lose a lot in the accident had he suffered a career-ending injury.

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