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Cherelle Parker DUI Trial Back On

In the never-ending DUI saga of state representative Cherelle Parker, it appears that she will have to stand trial again for her drunk driving charges.

In November, Parker was acquitted of DUI after Municipal Judge Charles Hayden threw out most of the prosecutor's evidence against her, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. Prosecutors appealed the decision and Common Pleas Judge Paula Patrick agreed, ordering that Parker stand trial again, this time confronted with the prosecutor's evidence.

The initial decision by Judge Hayden drew some attention because it had all the appearances of cronyism. Parker and Hayden are Facebook friends and Hayden chose to believe the word of an accused drunk driver over the word of two state troopers.

The two state troopers had testified that Parker's eyes appeared glassy, that she smelled of alcohol, that her speech was slowed, that she was unsteady on her feet, and that a Breathalyzer test measured her blood alcohol level to be 0.16, reports the Daily News. Yet Judge Hayden said that the troopers' testimony was not credible and inadmissible.

In her ruling, Judge Patrick said that her fellow judge abused his discretion by throwing out the evidence and said that Hayden should have recused himself from the case because he and the politician are Facebook friends.

Cherelle Parker was acquitted of her DUI and now she will have to stand trial again. True to form in this never-ending DUI trial, Parker's attorney has vowed to appeal the decision by the appellate court, ensuring that this DUI trial will continue for another several months.

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