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Paul Jones Gets Minimum Sentence for Fatal DUI?

Paul Jones drove drunk with a blood alcohol level well over three times the legal limit after taking an Oxycodone pill. He drunkenly drove into a bicyclist, Randall Bratu, hurling him 30 yards into the air and killing him.

Jones didn’t stop after killing Bratu, but continued driving in Lansdowne before striking a mini-van head-on that was carrying two women and a young child, reports the Daily Times. But not even this second accident stopped Jones. He was only stopped after the women in the mini-van gave police partial tag information and a vehicle description. So what penalty did Jones get for this fatal DUI?

Pretty much the minimum sentence. Jones was sentenced to between three and six years in jail and three years’ probation after his release, reports the Daily Times. Generally, causing a death while driving under the influence can result in up to ten years in jail. Three years is the minimum sentence.

The 54-year-old Jones pleaded guilty to the crime, which may explain his relatively lenient sentence. But given all the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident, a possible three-year prison stay seems too easy.

Jones committed a litany of offenses — drunk driving with a 0.286 blood alcohol level, drugged driving, hit-and-run, causing a second accident, and not stopping after two separate accidents. And yet he could only stay in jail for the minimum period.

Paul Jones was convicted of killing Randall Bratu in a particularly horrendous DUI. Prosecutors entered a relatively lenient plea deal with Jones. From the outside looking in, it appears that justice was not served and Jones got a light sentence for his actions.

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