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Avoid a DUI, Get a FreeRideHome

Recently, we wrote a lot about parents behaving badly, driving drunk with a toddler in the car, or in some cases, straddled on a motorcycle. A DUI in these cases is no laughing matter, as you not only face drunk driving charges, but can also lose possession of your child.

What makes these crimes that much more stupid, is that drunk driving is completely avoidable. Most of the time, you can have a designated driver take you home or you can call a cab if you’ve realized you had too much to drink. To make matters even simpler, there are even free services available like FreeRideHome, where you can find a sober driver nearby to take you home.

FreeRideHome is an application that can be installed onto your smartphone that aggregates all sober driver programs across the country and places it in the hands of any potential drunk driver. Through GPS technology, the application can locate where you are and tell you how to contact a nearby sober driving program.

So for instance, if you're in the Old Town, the application will identify sober driver programs in that neighborhood and hook you up with a ride home. Some of these services are free and others are offered at a discount rate through the app.

When you drive drunk, you endanger not only yourself, but also your passengers, and everyone else on the road. There is no excuse for driving home drunk, especially when you now have the ability to get a sober ride home literally at your fingertips through the FreeRideHome application.

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