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Deer Stops DUI; Pothead Almost Hits Cop

Two interesting driving under the influence cases cases were reported yesterday in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In the first, an allegedly-inebriated David Noonan, 31, swerved to avoid t-boning Bambi. When police arrived to investigate the crash, they discovered apparent signs of intoxication. They administered field sobriety tests, and then escorted the driver to obtain a blood sample for measuring blood alcohol content. There is no word on the condition of the deer.

Aleandro Drosi DUI: Charged in Death of 11-Year-Old

Prosecutors have started the ball rolling on charging Aleandro Drosi, 28, with criminal charges after he allegedly ran a red light and t-boned a woman in an SUV last Sunday, according to Metro Philadelphia. The woman's SUV then flew onto the crowded sidewalk and through the side of the Captain Jessie G Seafood Market and Restaurant. The owner and the customers of the restaurant dove out of the way, but Samantha Nguyen-Ortanez, 11, was pinned against a wall. She died at the scene.

It is alleged that Drosi was under the influence when he ran the red light shortly after noon.

Bobby Brown's DUI Not Exactly His First

Bobby Brown, the former husband of recently departed singer, Whitney Houston, was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, reports The Associated Press. He was arrested in the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles, where he allegedly failed a field sobriety test. He was apparently driving with his cell phone against his ear.

Bobby Brown's DUI, which occurred in California, would not be his first brush with DUI law. He had a rather long-running saga over a drunk driving violation in Atlanta, as reported by FindLaw's Atlanta DUI News Blog. That original violation occurred in the late 90s, but the problems associated with probation and hearings lasted until 2003.

Medford School Superintendent Joseph Del Rossi DUI

Medford School Superintendent, Joseph Del Rossi, was booked for a DUI after he flipped his vehicle in an allegedly drunk state, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Medford is in the Philadelphia metropolitan area in New Jersey.

To make matters worse, the vehicle was the district owned Jeep. After Del Rossi’s DUI arrest, the Medford School Board President, Michael Etter, said that he would look into the use of the Jeep. Besides that, the Medford School Board hasn’t said much else about the school superintendent’s DUI, and it’s unlikely there will be further comment, because the discussion on the incident will take place in a closed hearing.

Cottman Avenue: Police Officer Struck By DUI Driver

A possible drunk driver struck a police officer at the 1700 block of Cottman Avenue, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After the police officer was struck by the drunk driver, he was taken to Jeanes Hospital for treatment. The police officer had been between two cars. Afterward, the drunk driver was arrested and booked.

When a DUI occurs, a person faces a variety of penalties that can range from a small fine to jail time. The penalties depend upon whether the drunk driver has a history of DUI and the blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of arrest.

Crazy or Alcohol to Blame for Philadelphia Airport DUI?

Kenneth Mazik sat in his black Jeep Grand Cherokee for several minutes before deciding to bust through the airport gates speeding around the runways at 80 mph into the path of an arriving plane.

His lawyer says that the 24-year-old Mazik is a troubled young man who was dealing with a variety of problems, reports The Associated Press. He claims that Mazik did not intend to injure anyone and it’s not even clear if Mazik had drank alcohol that morning, though there is a possibility he was under the influence of drugs — prescription or otherwise.

St. Patrick's Day Sobriety Checkpoints Planned

St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year. With the planned holiday parades, predicted good weather, and March Madness in full gear, you can expect plenty of revelers out and about. As St. Patrick's Day is also know for celebrating Guinness and whiskey, the holiday can be an especially dangerous time as well for drivers and pedestrians.

To cut down on potential DUI accidents, it is already being reported that several counties like York, Adams, and Lancaster are planning St. Patrick's Day sobriety checkpoints for Saturday night, reports the York Dispatch.

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Drove SUV Into Airport

Earlier this month, drunk driver Kenneth Mazik made national headlines for the Philadelphia airport DUI that temporarily shut down the airport. At first, it was feared that Mazik was a terrorist, but after a chase around the runway, police believed he was just a drunk driver.

Mazik faced the ordinary charges for drunk driving including the DUI charge, criminal mischief, and assault charges. But because the DUI occurred at an international airport and had the effect of snarling travel across the country, Mazik also faced federal charges.

Now it is being reported that Mazik will only have to deal with the federal charges, as the City of Philadelphia has dropped all charges against him, writes NBC.

Drunk Driver Who Hits Phillies Fan in SF Gets Only 1 Year

Talk about light penalties. On the other side of the country, a San Francisco Bay Area man, Andrew Vargas, was sentenced for hitting and seriously injuring a Philadelphia boy after a San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies game. For the offense, Vargas received only one year in jail.

This penalty is shockingly light given the facts of the accident. As we wrote over the summer, nine-year old Ryan White was leaving AT&T park with family members when Vargas ran a red light and struck the boy, another woman, and two parked vehicles. Vargas then took off, fleeing the scene of the accident. Police were finally able to catch him in a neighboring town.

Pennsylvania Man Wants High-Five from Cop, Gets DUI Instead

A Tyrone, Pennsylvania cop noticed a car was driving without its lights on early one morning. After flagging the driver down and telling the man that he was driving without his lights, the driver, Gerald Decker, thanked the cop and tried to give him a high-five.

Decker told the officer, "Thanks, buddy!" The officer responded, "That's not how it works," and made Decker go through a series of field sobriety tests, reports the Associated Press.

Local DUI with International Consequences

Usually the Philadelphia DUI Law blog covers very local topics like an Upper Darby accident, or a Cherry Hill arrest. But last week, Kenneth Mazik’s Philadelphia airport DUI had international ramifications as he shut down the airport for 30 minutes after driving onto the runway, affecting travelers across the world.

The 24-year-old Mazik was allegedly drunk when he crashed his SUV through a security gate at Philadelphia International Airport and drove onto two runways, reports CBS. The incident happened at 11:00 a.m. On Thursday morning, after barging through the fence, Mazik led authorities on a high-speed chase around the airport.

Drunk Dad Picks up Drunk Son at Police Station ... Again

For the second time in February, a drunk dad went to a police station to handle matters caused by his drunk son. Arriving at the police station visibly intoxicated, the drunk dad, David Schroeder, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

In the first post, we started off by writing "dumb and dumber." Maybe stupid and stupider be more appropriate in this case.