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Drunk Dad Picks up Drunk Son at Police Station ... Again

For the second time in February, a drunk dad went to a police station to handle matters caused by his drunk son. Arriving at the police station visibly intoxicated, the drunk dad, David Schroeder, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

In the first post, we started off by writing "dumb and dumber." Maybe stupid and stupider be more appropriate in this case.

In the earlier case, David Peterson Sr. had gone to the police station to pick up David Peterson Jr. who had been arrested for a DUI. As the father was also drunk, he too was arrested for a DUI.

Unlike that case, David Schroeder did not pick up his son immediately following the son's DUI. Instead, the father's DUI came three days later as he went to the Honesdale police station to pick up a gun that was confiscated from his son during the drunk driving arrest, reports The Times Herald-Record.

For the DUIs, the dad and son face a variety of penalties that can range from a small fine to jail time. The penalties depend upon whether either has a history of driving drunk and the blood alcohol content (BAC) of each at the time of arrest. Pennsylvania provides more severe penalties for those who drink more.

The lesson in this Honesdale drunk dad/drunk son arrest may not be Pennsylvania's enhanced penalties for someone with a high BAC. Instead, the lesson for dads like David Schroeder may be that if you get a call that your kid was driving drunk and needs a ride home, make sure you're sober before picking him up. The extra time your kid has to spend in a holding cell as you get sober may even be a lesson for your child to never drive drunk.

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