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Medford School Superintendent Joseph Del Rossi DUI

Medford School Superintendent, Joseph Del Rossi, was booked for a DUI after he flipped his vehicle in an allegedly drunk state, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Medford is in the Philadelphia metropolitan area in New Jersey.

To make matters worse, the vehicle was the district owned Jeep. After Del Rossi’s DUI arrest, the Medford School Board President, Michael Etter, said that he would look into the use of the Jeep. Besides that, the Medford School Board hasn’t said much else about the school superintendent’s DUI, and it’s unlikely there will be further comment, because the discussion on the incident will take place in a closed hearing.

Del Rossi's DUI might be considered political scandal in the small community he is from, but it also illustrates the bigger fact that drunk driving can potentially affect your job, especially if you are provided a car through your employer. This is because under New Jersey's DUI laws, a car gets temporarily impounded after your DUI arrest.

But what can have a greater impact on your employment is actually the license suspension you might face for a DUI. First time offenders face a possible license suspension of three months. And repeat offenders face a much longer license suspension time. In places like this Medford, where public transportation is not as thorough as more urban areas, not being able to drive could have a huge impact on your daily life as well as your employment.

As such, if faced with a potential DUI, you should immediately retain a DUI attorney. One of the most important things he or she might do for you is to try to help you retain your car if at all possible so that you can keep on driving (safely, of course).

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