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Kid Rear-Ends Trailer While High, Runs From Tigers?

It is rare that a DUI, or in this case a DUID could be labeled funny. This one though, because no one was severely injured in the crash, is pretty hilarious. The driver, twenty-year-old William Fleming, was driving while high on marijuana and rear-ended a trailer, reports Metro Philadelphia.

Fleming was seen running from the accident, but not to avoid the police. The trailer contained two full-grown Bengal Tigers. The combination of weed, shock, and two big kitty-kats reportedly scared Fleming so much that he took off running down I-95. Expect to see this scene recreated in Harold and Kumar 4, with Neil Patrick Harris riding the tigers.

The penalty for an underage DUI is more severe than that of someone over 21, even if the DUI is not alcohol related. Whereas someone obtaining their first DUI would ordinarily not face a license suspension or community service, Fleming was sentenced to 72 hours of community service, one-year license suspension, and a $300 fine.

The legal limit for alcohol for someone under 21 is 0.02. Underage DUIs receive the same penalty as “High-Rate” DUIs for those over 21, which include a minimum of two days in jail, a minimum of $500 fine, and a one-year license suspension. A restricted license, allowing you to travel to and from work and school, can be issued after sixty days.

A one-year license suspension can severely affect your ability to get to and from work, school, and other important appointments. That is why it is imperative that you consult with an experienced Philadelphia attorney familiar with DUI laws and underage DUIs to minimize the impact the DUI will have on your everyday life.

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