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New Yorker Arrested for DUI on the Boardwalk, Pedestrians Flee

A Staten Island man, John Thompson, 28, was arrested for driving under the influence on the pedestrian-only Atlantic City Boardwalk, reports NBC 10 Philadelphia. Thompson led the police on a high-speed chase through a pedestrian-only walkway, leading to one injury and lots of legal trouble for Thompson.

Police attempted to pull John Thompson over after he entered the Boardwalk shortly after midnight. Thompson took off at a high rate of speed, sending pedestrians and a bicycle cop scrambling for their lives. Thankfully, no pedestrians or police officers were harmed.

In the car with Thompson was fellow New Yorker John Sulmonee, 33, who had met Thompson earlier that night. Sulmonee allegedly had urged Thompson to stop the vehicle after he entered the Boardwalk. Once the pair exited the Boardwalk, Sulmonee jumped out of the moving vehicle. He was hospitalized with head and foot injuries.

The driver was apprehended with two dollars in his hand when he stopped to pay a toll.

In addition to the obvious DUI charges, Thompson will probably be charged with evading arrest, reckless driving, speeding, and a litany of other crimes. And though he will not be charged with failing to pay a toll, he will likely be slapped with a $47 fine for operating a vehicle on a sidewalk.

It is common for prosecutors to charge defendants with as many minor offenses as possible, such as driving on a sidewalk, in addition to the major offense, like the DUI charge. This increases their leverage in plea bargain negotiations, which usually ensures a faster resolution to the case. A good defense attorney can work with the prosecutor to get the smaller charges dismissed and negotiate a fair deal on the major offenses.

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