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Sotomayor's 5 DUIs Inspires New Jersey Lawmakers

Anderson Sotomayor, a 45-year-old from Vineland, NJ who was arrested 5 times for DUI over a period of 5 weeks has inspired lawmakers to toughen DUI laws, according to the Press of Atlantic City. The most significant change is that certain DUI offenses will now be criminal acts instead of mere vehicle code violations.

Sotomayor was only held in jail because of his 5 DUIs after being stopped the 5th time and admitting to being on Oxycodone without a prescription, according to the Press. The New Jersey legislature has made it clear that they want drivers like Sotomayor off the road, seeing as though Sotomayor’s last arrest was May 16 and identical bills to change the law were introduced on May 31 and June 7 in the Assembly and Senate.

Currently, the bill has passed committee and is waiting for approval by the full assembly, according to the New Jersey Legislature’s website. This means if you have the ability to spend a summer on the Shore, you should really avoid getting two DUIs.

The new law would make any subsequent DUI within 60 days of the first violation a fourth degree crime. In NJ this means that you could get a maximum of 18 months and a fine of $10,000.

The new law would also require cops to report DUIs by the end of their shift, and allow judges to set bail to a maximum of $10,000. Currently, bail cannot be set above $2,500, even for someone like Sotomayor, who had been arrested only 5 days earlier for the same offense.

It remains to be seen if this makes it through to becoming law, but it is doubtful anyone would argue that drivers like Anderson Sotomayor remain on the road.

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