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Vineland's Anderson Sotomayor Logs His 6th DUI in 5 Weeks

Say you've already got five DUI charges and the New Jersey Legislature is motivated to write a new law because of you. What is the best course of action to take? Lawyer up, you say? Stay home, perhaps?

Ha, Anderson Sotomayor laughs in your face, and throws his beer out the window, according to NBC10. On Thursday night, police pulled Sotomayor over again to find him intoxicated. He was arrested and taken back to jail.

Will they keep him in jail this time?

Let's see, Sotomayor was out on bail from his last DUI arrest, where bail could actually be set higher than $2,500 because he admitted to a crime, reports NBC10. His crime was taking Oxycodone without a prescription.

Since Sotomayor was out on bail, the police contacted the local judge to revoke bail so that they could actually put Sotomayor back in jail, according to NBC10. As of Friday, he was still in jail.

Unfortunately for the people of Vineland, the New Jersey Legislature does not work as fast as Sotomayor can get drunk and get back behind the wheel. At last count of accidents caused by Sotomayor, there was a wreck into a school bus with children aboard, a wreck into a patrol car, and a utility pole, according to NBC10.

It really seems like Sotomayor is trying to get into jail. If he had really wanted to go to jail, he should have just injured someone seriously while driving and then left the scene.

However, even with six DUI charges, it is unlikely that Sotomayor will get much more than 2 years in jail. Although, he will lose his license for the rest of his life if the suspensions are consecutive.

Vineland needs to get Anderson Sotomayor into the courtroom so they can finally take away his license. Oh wait, he was supposed to show up Thursday, before he got arrested, looks like he'll make it next time.

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