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Who Better to Pick You Up After a DUI Arrest Than a Drunk Buddy?

We all know you get one phone call in jail, but isn't it best used to call a responsible friend to help you? Even worse, what if you've been released and need a ride?

These thoughts obviously didn't cross a man in Doylestown's mind when he called Dylan Gustte to come pick him up after he had been arrested for DUI. This is the case because Gustte showed up to the police station drunk to give his friend a ride, reports Doylestown Patch.

So who's dumb and who's dumber?

It seems as though Gustte wins the competition. The 19-year-old showing up to the station intoxicated opened him up to the possibility of having his car searched. This is because if you are arrested, it allows the police to search you and to search your car to see if there are any intoxicating or dangerous items inside.

Gustte, being clearly intoxicated, and having just exited a vehicle was arrested and searched. Once his car was searched, police found what they suspected was marijuana and heroin, thus piling on the charges, according to Patch.

We haven't even mentioned the fact that Gustte's age means that he wouldn't have needed to be intoxicated at the .08 level to be arrested for DUI because of Pennsylvania's zero-tolerance law for underage DUI. Even more, if Gustte were on any of the drugs he is suspected of possessing, he would still be guilty of DUI and possession.

Let this be a lesson to all, do not call your party friend when you need a ride from the police station after being arrested for DUI. Unless you really don't like them that is. If that is the case, by all means encourage them to show up drunk at the police station. Now we know what will happen next.

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