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Randy Travis Arrested for DWI in Texas, 2nd Arrest This Year

There’s not much more that says country music like hard drinkin’ and fighting. If you listen to any of the Hanks (Sr., Jr., or III) or Waylon Jennings, that is. It’s obvious that having a nice drink to end your day is a tradition among any Americans.

There’s only a problem if it’s more than one drink and driving is involved. Unfortunately for Randy Travis, he was arrested on suspicion of doing just that. In Sanger, Texas, Travis’s car was found crashed in a single-car accident and he was arrested with minor cuts and brusies on DUI and retaliation and obstruction charges, according to TMZ.

This is not the first time that Travis has been in trouble with the law this year. In February, Travis was arrested for public intoxication after an alleged fight with his girlfriend, according to TMZ.

A DUI in Texas is similar to that in Pennsylvania, where the legal limit is 0.08% blood alcohol content. But unlike Pennsylvania, Texas requires a minimum license suspension of 90 days on a first time violation where Pennsylvania does not have a mandatory minimum.

Travis must not have been too happy about his arrest if the police also claimed he was violating the retaliation and obstruction of justice charges. This type of charge usually happens when you are fighting with an officer or otherwise resisting arrest.

It seems like Randy Travis' move from neotraditional country to gospel might have put some weight on his mind to have the public intoxication charge in February and now the DWI. Maybe the gospel circuit is much tougher than we all might think.

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