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Sally Struthers Charged With Drunken Driving in Maine

Ogunquit is a small resort town on the coast of southern Maine. It has nice sandy beaches and plenty of small boutiques, fresh seafood, and some good summer theater. This year's summer theater included Sally Struthers as a cast member of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5: The Musical," an adaptation of the 1980 movie.

Unfortunately, near the end of the month-long run, Struthers was pulled over and then arrested on suspicion of DUI (known in Maine as OUI, or Operating Under the Influence), according to the Los Angeles Times. Police did not offer specifics on why Struthers was pulled over or whether she was subjected to field sobriety tests, though they are routinely given in this type of situation, according to the Portland Press Herald. Struthers posted $165 bail and was released; her hearing is set for December.

In Maine, a first OUI conviction can get you a three-month license suspension and a $400 fine, but no jail time. What if she'd been busted in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, a first DUI offense can get you a six-month license suspension, but there is no mandatory minimum. However, you must pay a fine of $300, attend an alcohol highway safety course, and be on probation for six months.

But what if a Pennsylvania resident gets a drunken-driving arrest in Maine, or in any other state? In that situation, you have to show up in court in the state where you were arrested. You also have to pay any fines or fees that the other state charges you.

Though the other state can't suspend your license in Pennsylvania, there are laws that allow states to share traffic violation information.

Had Struthers been a Pennsylvania resident, she would not have to worry about a license suspension because a first-offense out-of-state DUI conviction will not result in a license suspension in Pennsylvania. Any subsequent out-of-state DUI, however, can result in a year-long suspension.

Sally Struthers could potentially face a license suspension in her home state of California if she is convicted of the OUI in Maine. But only time will tell.

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