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Tapped Out: UFC Fighter Christian Morecraft Arrested for DUI

Tapping out -- it's like the weakest way to exit a fight. By doing so, you admit that you can no longer stand the pain of the armbar or whatever submission hold is being used. While you should not always be submissive when there are challenges in your life, taking an alcohol breath test is something you should submit to.

In the case of UFC fighter Christian Morecraft, he refused to submit to an officer's request that he take a breath test and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of DUI, driving without a license, speeding, and driving to endanger, according to the website MMA Junkie.

Would submitting to the Breathalyzer have helped him avoid arrest?

In most states, having a driver's license automatically means you've agreed to be tested for drug and alcohol use while driving. These regulations are called "implied consent" laws and levy certain punishments for refusing to submit to these tests.

In Pennsylvania, refusing to take an alcohol breath test can lengthen the time of a license suspension, add time in jail, and result in additional fines.

There are some drivers who think refusal is a good idea because then there won't be any evidence that you were intoxicated. In reality, an officer can arrest you and you can be convicted solely on the officer's testimony regarding your field sobriety test results and other observations.

For UFC fighter Christian Morecraft, the DUI was apparently only part of his problem. It seems as though the officer had plenty of reason to pull him over, given that Morecraft was also charged with driving to endanger. This observation likely led to the traffic stop.

Once in this position, it is difficult to get out. If Morecraft had taken the breath test and blown under the limit, he might've only been cited and allowed to leave. Also, if he had taken the test, he would have had the ability to challenge its results, or at the very least show that as a heavyweight fighter, his body could handle more alcohol.

However, that was not the case for Morecraft. Now he will need to get in touch with his local attorney to see how to minimize the damage from his mistake. If you've made a similar mistake, an experienced Philly DUI lawyer can help you by letting you know what your options are.

Don't let a DUI submission get the best of you.

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