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WWE Star Cameron Arrested for Alleged DUI and Bribery

Well, people must have heeded the warning that there would DUI patrols galore over the holiday weekend, because there were no major incidents.

However, before the weekend began, Cameron, member of the Funkadactyls, was arrested on suspicion of DUI late Thursday night, early Friday morning, according to TMZ. Not only was Ariane Nicole Andrew (Cameron) suspected of DUI, she allegedly offered the cops $10,000 to let her go because otherwise she would lose her job.

Was a bribe really worth it?

Cameron's blood alcohol content was 0.20%, according to TMZ, well over double the legal limit in Florida or Pennsylvania of 0.08%. Having over 0.16% is usually enough to bump your DUI up from the normal penalty to an enhanced penalty that could even include a felony conviction.

So having the possibility of a felony conviction in front of her, Cameron saw in her allegedly intoxicated state that she had the choice of fighting the charge in court or giving the cop the money she would pay in fees to make the charge go away.

Of course this is really a Hobson's choice of one felony over another. Bribery is the crime of giving or receiving something of value (i.e. money) in exchange for influencing a government or public official. Both the giver and receiver of a bribe can be charged with bribery.

In this case, the cop could have taken the alleged money, but they would have also been on the hook for a crime. Thus, it is doubtful that a cop would not do their job, commit a crime, and let a clearly intoxicated person drive off by accepting a bribe.

Now, Cameron is in an even worse position because she has been charged not only with DUI but also with bribery, which could very much affect her employment.

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