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Steelers Rookie Alameda Ta'amu Arrested for DUI, Resisting Arrest

A sports PR disaster took place over the weekend in Pittsburgh, in what seemed to be a series of unfortunate events.

Pittsburgh Steelers' rookie Alameda Ta'amu was arrested on Sunday in a DUI related incident.

The rookie defensive lineman aroused the suspicion of police when his 2006 Lincoln Navigator was driving the wrong way down a street at 2:30 a.m., reports Yahoo! Sports.

Strike one.

Then, there are the observations and reports that he was running red lights and speeding in pedestrian-heavy zones.

Strike two.

Then, he wouldn't get out of the car when officers ordered him to. In fact, he even drove his car right into the police and the officers had to dive out of the way.

But the unfortunate chain of events goes on.

He crashed his car into a parked car and injured the driver. He then hit several other cars.

When he was finally arrested, he resisted arrest. Upon arrest, his BAC registered at 0.196 percent.

So, what's it looking like for Ta'amu?

Not good.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Ta'amu was arrested on 15 counts. He faces his first court hearing on October 23.

And, according to an updated post on Yahoo! Sports, Ta'amu has now been suspended for two weeks without pay by the Steelers.

Under Pennsylvania DUI law, Ta'amu faces penalties under the Highest BAC level. Depending on how many prior DUIs he had, Ta'amu could face jail time, license suspension and a mandatory ignition interlock device.

But he wasn't only charged with DUI. While the details of his charges are still vague but he resisted arrest, an act that won't fare well with his sentencing.

He also injured a woman who was sitting in a parked car. No word yet on whether she plans to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the rookie. Could Ta'amu have another legal headache to worry about, soon?

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