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Woman, Allegedly Drunk, Tries to Save Ducks During Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the sad stories of destruction by Hurricane Sandy, here comes a lighter story.

A woman in Glen Rock has been arrested for public drunkenness, after she jumped into a creek to save a bunch of wild ducks from the storm.

Public drunkenness isn't the only charge awaiting Justina Laniewski, however. According to the Southern Regional Police in York County, Laniewski's 4-year old tried to follow her into the raging creek, reports The Associated Press.

Laniewski has also been charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

Laniewski's blood alcohol level, according to police, was more than twice the legal limit for driving. While she wasn't behind the wheel of a car, it still didn't stop her from getting arrested for allegedly being drunk in public.

As for reckless endangerment, that's when a person "engages in conduct which places or may place another person in danger of death or serious bodily injury." Prosecutors apparently believe Laniewski's attempted duck rescue placed her child at risk.

Every now and then in Pennsylvania, we have the oddball DUI story or crazy tale of public drunkenness. So we thought it would be fun to end this post off with a recap of some of the craziest DUI and public intoxication stories out of Pennsylvania.

There's the 2010 story of the man who gave CPR to a possum. Donald Wolfe was found on the street, leaning over roadkill while attempting to resuscitate it. He was charged with public drunkenness, CBS News reported.

Then, let's not forget the tales from Amish country. Back in 2009, Elmer Stolzfoos Fisher was asleep behind the reigns of his buggy, The Associated Press reports. Fisher was allegedly "driving" with a BAC of 0.18 percent, which is more than two times the legal limit in Pennsylvania. Stolzfoos was charged with DUI because technically in Pennsylvania, a buggy is a vehicle.

Finally, there's the story of Shawn Anthony Hott, who was too "Hott" to handle for the DUI patrol. So hot, in fact, that they had to transport him back to the patrol car in the bucket of a farm tractor. Hott was apparently so drunk that he was driving around a field of crops.

Gotta love Pennsylvania!

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