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Man Turns Himself in for Old DUI, Gets New DUI

You have to give this guy some credit for doing the right thing.

A Maryland man drove himself to the police barracks in Chambersburg to turn himself in for a previous drunk driving charge, reports The Associated Press.

Police weren't praising his honesty, however. That's because 28-year-old John Paul Pascual was also drunk when he drove to the station to turn himself in.

Feds Are Pushing States to Adopt Open Container Laws

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drunk driving is the most frequently committed violent crime in America.

The leading cause of death among young Americans is vehicle crashes. While this doesn't necessarily narrow the pool down to crashes related to impaired driving, the NHTSA points out that among motor vehicle fatalities, alcohol is the leading cause of these fatalities.

Man Arrested for DUI on Farm Vehicle

A western Pennsylvania man is under arrest after driving a farm vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, reports The Associated Press.

The man was driving a combine, which is a farm utility vehicle used to harvest crops. He was driving this vehicle on Wednesday when he hit a mailbox in Elk Creek Township, approximately 20 miles southwest of Erie.

Police found the 57-year-old man in a bean field.

Drink Responsibly This Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

They're calling today "Black Wednesday," and it's considered to be one of the busiest nights for drinking all year, writes the Tri-County Record.

That means DUI patrols will be out and about, scouring the streets for drunks behind the wheel.

As many of you head out this Wednesday to start your Thanksgiving feasts, think twice before hitting the road if you've had too much to drink.

What's too much? Too much is when your blood alcohol content is more than 0.08 percent.

DUI Patrols and Checkpoints Planned This Week Across Penn

This weekend, checkpoints have been announced in York County. The York County DUI checkpoints will be held between 6 p.m. Wednesday to 6 p.m. on Monday.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is working with local police to implement “Operation Safe Holiday” to crack down on impaired driving in Pennsylvania.

It’s not unusual for police to conduct DUI checkpoints and have DUI patrols through Pennsylvania on holiday weekends.

Former DA Michael Donahue Faces DUI Aggravated Assault Trial

A former Delaware County Assistant District Attorney is under the microscope this week as his DUI trial unfolds, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Michael Donahue has more to worry about than DUI charges. He is facing charges of aggravated assault as well.

His Jeep Cherokee allegedly hit a young boy, Jake Vantrieste, last November at 10:23 p.m. The crash came after Donahue was allegedly out with co-workers, drinking. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, he was impaired at the time of the crash.

Robert Bregenzer Held on $500K Bail in DUI Deaths

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is bad, but killing someone while driving drunk is even worse.

A man is being held on $500,000 bail after he allegedly caused a crash that killed two others. The crash happened on November 13 on St. Vincent Street right after midnight, reports The Philadelphia Daily News.

The driver has been identified as Robert Bregenzer, 33, of Knorr Street. He has been charged in the deaths of Liang Pan and Zhuoru Chin.

2 Cited for Underage Drinking, DUI in Bensalem

This weekend, police in Bensalem were on the prowl for DUI offenders out near Parx Casino.

The following arrests were reported, courtesy of Bensalem Patch:

A 25-year-old man was arrested on South Bellevue Avenue and Route 413 in Langhorne. This arrest came after a two-vehicle crash in the middle of the afternoon on November 10.

Another man was arrested on the wee hours of the morning on November 11. Police arrested the 18-year-old as he was driving on the southbound ramp of Route 1 to 1-95 South, in Middletown Township.

Mom Accused in Child's Heroin Overdose Gets DUI in Sharon Hill

The Delaware County woman charged with the death of her toddler son, was also charged with a DUI a few weeks back, reports The Associated Press.

Earlier this week, Christine Rivero was charged in the death of her toddler, after toxicology reports indicated that he died from a heroin overdose on July 15. At that time, the child was believed to have been left alone with his 5-year-old sibling, as his mother was doing heroin with friends.

She had initially blamed the child’s death on the 5-year-old, reports WPVI News.

York Lt. Commander Defends Criticism on DUI Checkpoints

The Commander of the York Station of the Pennsylvania State Police defended his DUI patrols and checkpoint initiatives in a letter to the editor of the York Daily Record.

His letter came as a response to another letter to the editor, this one from Sarah Longwell of the American Beverage Institute.

In her letter, Longwell asserted that sobriety checkpoints were often futile, failing to make any DUI arrests. She offered a suggestion to the police department, to use roving DUI patrols and saturation patrols, in lieu of DUI checkpoints.

Cherelle Parker to Stand Trial in November

We have more news on Cherelle Parker and her DUI. She will soon stand trial (again) for her DUI from 2011, reports The Philadelphia Daily News.

Will this story never come to a close? Parker, 40, is a state politician and the chairwoman of the Philadelphia delegation in the state house.

A recap is in order. Back in April 2011, Parker was caught allegedly drinking and driving, when her car was driving the wrong way on a Germantown one-way street.

Prescription Drugs Can Lead to DUIs, Too

Prescription drug addiction is very real. And what many don't realize is that Pennsylvania's DUI laws also apply to driving under the influence of a drug -- including some prescription drugs.

A recent story posted on details the sad case of prescription drug addiction. While it's not a DUI story, it serves as a somber reminder that medications can become addictive.

The story is about a popular kid at Brennan High School in Ashland who was diagnosed with cancer in his senior year.

The teenager fought through Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and survived. But during his chemotherapy treatments, he was introduced to pain killers. Those pain pills sent the teen into a vicious spiral of drug addiction.

Underage Drinking Law Shields 'Good Samaritans' in PA

With yesterday's story about the woman who jumped into a creek to save the ducks from Hurricane Sandy, we thought we'd look into Pennsylvania's Good Samaritan law. Good Samaritan laws usually mention a person's duty to come to the aid of another, or alternatively, the lack of liability for someone who renders aid.

Not really a topic for a DUI blog, right?

But who knew that Pennsylvania's Good Samaritan law had an underage drinking aspect to it?