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Man Turns Himself in for Old DUI, Gets New DUI

You have to give this guy some credit for doing the right thing.

A Maryland man drove himself to the police barracks in Chambersburg to turn himself in for a previous drunk driving charge, reports The Associated Press.

Police weren't praising his honesty, however. That's because 28-year-old John Paul Pascual was also drunk when he drove to the station to turn himself in.

Police noticed he seemed drunk and issued a field sobriety test, reports WHPTV News. That’s how they determined that he was drunk.

So now, he’s been arrested for two DUIs — the one he initially had, and the one he got for driving himself to the police when turning himself in.

He’s not the only person arrested for DUI out in Chambersburg, however. A DUI patrol last week netted 2 DUI arrests, after 58 vehicles were stopped on Warm Spring Road, just south of Highway 30. One of those arrests was for being under the influence of alcohol and the other arrest was for drug paraphernalia, reports the Chambersburg Public Opinion.

It’s holiday season and the combination of chaotic shopping, icy roads and packed roads don’t leave much room for drink driving in the mix. There’s snow in the forecast this week and the last thing Pennsylvanians need is a drunk driver on the road.

If you’re hitting the roads this winter, prepare in advance. Ponte has some important tips for winter drivers.

For starters, check your fluid levels and make sure they are full. Make sure your windshield wipers are working well and consider installing wiper blades. Also, be sure to have your snow tires.

Most importantly, do not get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve had too much to drink? How much is too much? In Pennsylvania, a BAC level of 0.08 percent is too much. Check out PennDot’s BAC calculator to help you determine how many drinks lead up to a BAC of 0.08 percent.

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